Become an Analyst

In order to input, edit, and delete data on the DRIVER website, the user must have Analyst privileges. The application for Analyst users are as follows:

  1. Before registering, assign a road safety data officer/group who will input and update data on DRIVER.
  2. Create a Gmail account for DRIVER access. Kindly follow this format:


roadsafety.<your city/municipality/province>



  1. Submit a letter of intent (See Annex A or in pdf format at This will prompt DOTr to give Analyst access/privileges to the local government unit’s (LGU) registered road safety Gmail account.


  1. Wait for DOTr’s email/text notification of analyst account activation.


  1. Log-in to your road safety Gmail account then access Press “Log-in with”, and use the gmail address you used to register for DRIVER. After this, you will be automatically taken to the DRIVER dashboard.