Cost to Society

Economic Loss and costs of Societal Harm are calculated based on an Ashlar configuration, accessible by Administrator users.

Administrators choose an option-type field associated with the primary record type, such as “Severity”, and associate a cost with each of its values.

On the DRIVER interface, this cost is displayed both in the dashboard and map views.

The cost totals respect the geographic, temporal, and attribute filters applied in the map. This makes it possible for a user to associate an estimated cost for a particular search, for example, crashes involving pedestrians in a certain neighborhood in 2016.


Since the Total Economic Loss and Societal Harm details varies constantly, the button on display on the map shows the total amount of loss or cost.

Filters may also be used alongside the Total Economic Loss & Societal Harm. Any filters applied will automatically narrow down the cost of loss according to the filter set by the user.