Filtering Data and Incidents

DRIVER lets users narrow down their searches in order to easily find specific incident entries or sets of incident entries within the DRIVER database.


Applying Filters

DRIVER Filters can be applied throughout all incident data in DRIVER, and can be saved and retained when accessing data.

On the Map and Record List, filters can be found on a white header bar for easier application to incidents. Users may also set an area filter by selecting a region, city, or province.

Users may either select only a single filter, or set a combination of filters.


On the DRIVER Dashboard, information may filtered only according to Region or City/Province.

Saving & Clearing Filters

Applied filter sets can be saved for later use.

You may save filters and access previously saved filters by clicking on the “Saved Filters” icon:

To clear filters or set filters back to their defaults, click the “Clear Filters” button.