Incident Reports

Users can view and filter Incident Reports and their locations through a variety of ways on DRIVER.

Viewing Incidents by Geographic Area

To view incidents by geographic area, the user must first access the Map. To do this, click on the “Dashboard” dropdown on the top left corner of the page, and click on “Map.”


Incidents on the map are marked by blue dots. Clicking on these dots will prompt a small popup to open, which contains a short summary of the selected incident’s details.

Users may also zoom in and out of the map using either a mouse/trackpad, or the zoom buttons available on the leftmost side of the page.

From this popup, users may also view more details of the road incident by clicking on the “View” button inside it.

This will prompt a larger popup to open, which will contain a more detailed account of the selected road incident.

Viewing Individual Incident Reports

The Record List is simply a tabular view of all incidents recorded in DRIVER. Each entry in the record list may be selected to view more details of the road incident, such as the time and date of its occurrence, the main cause, and the incident’s severity.

To start, click on the “Dashboard” button located on the top left corner of the dashboard.

This will prompt a dropdown to appear, after which you may click the “Record List” button.

In each of entry within the Record List, you will find a button that says “View” on the rightmost side of the entry. Clicking on this will prompt the Incident Details popup to appear. This will show more details of each individual incident.

Viewing Incidents by Volume of Severity

Incidents can also be viewed by volume of severity through the Heat Map and Blackspots, which can both be accessed from the Map interface.

The Heat Map shows the volume of the severity of a particular area. Incidents can be filtered according to volume of severity by clicking on the Layer button on the right most corner of the map, and ticking on “Heat map.”

Blackspots on the other hand, shows the volume of severity of road vulnerability in respect to crashes. To view incidents by blackspots,  click on the Layer button on the right most corner of the map, and tick “Blackspots.”

Viewing Total Number of Incidents

Users can also view the total number of incidents on the Incident widget on the dashboard: