Modifying User Accounts

DRIVER Admins have the capability to edit or modify user accounts by changing other users’ usernames, and e-mail. Additionally, admins may also change the user’s DRIVER group from Admin, Analyst, or Public Viewer.

Changing User’s E-mail, User Type/Role, or Username

To change a user’s DRIVER group (or user type/role), start by accessing the User Management page by clicking “Manage Users” at the top right side of the Ashlar Editor. Clicking this will show a list of all users on the DRIVER website.

From here, look for the user’s e-mail address you wish to change the user type of (you may press Ctrl + F for Windows users or Cmd + F for Mac users for easier searching).

On the right side of each user, you will find a button labelled “Edit”. Clicking on this will redirect you to the “Modify User Account” page, where you can change the user’s e-mail, username, and user type/role (labelled as DRIVER group in the Ashlar Editor). Click on the “Save Changes” button to save.

Deleting Users

From the User Management page, simply look for the e-mail of user you would like to delete. On the right side of the user’s e-mail, you will find a button that says “Delete”.


Clicking on this will remove the user from the DRIVER website, which they will no longer be able to access.