Related Content Types

“Related Content” is the term used in the Ashlar Editor to refer to sub-categories within the Input Forms on the DRIVER website.

Examples of Related Content are Vehicles, People, and Photos, which currently fall under the “Incident Input Form” of the Incidents Record Type.

Admin users may view, edit, or add Related Content using the Ashlar Schema Editor.

Viewing Related Content Types

Related Content may be viewed by clicking on the “View Related Content” link on the sidebar on the left side of the screen. Clicking on this will lead the admin user to a list of all Related Content available for the selected Record Type (in this case, the Record Type is “Incidents”, and the Related Contents falling under it are “Vehicles”, People”, and “Photos”.

Editing Related Content

Clicking on the “Edit” button on the right side of each Related Content Entry will let admin users edit its details, which will reflect on the DRIVER website as additional fields/categories for Analyst users to fill up.

From here, admin users may choose what type of field or content they would like to reflect on the selected Record Type DRIVER website. They may also edit the elements of the Related Content Types above. For instance, if the admin user wants to add a text field as a Related Content Type, they may do so on this page by choosing from the dropdown pictured below:

Adding Related Content

Admin users may add Related Content by clicking the “Add Related Content” link on the left sidebar of the Ashlar Editor, or by clicking on the “Add New Content” button on the top right corner of the Related Content’s page.

From here, users may add in the singular and plural forms of their chosen record type label. For instance, if the user wishes to name the new record type “Incidents”, they must set “Incident” as the singular label of the record type, and “Incidents” as the plural label. These labels will adjust accordingly on the DRIVER website, depending on whether a DRIVER user adds one or multiple entries.

Adding Multiple Entries in a Single Related Content Type

Clicking on the “Allow Multiple?” checkbox at the bottom left side of the page will allow DRIVER Analyst users to add more than one entry within a Related Content Type. For example, if the admin wants the Analyst user to add more than one Vehicle in the Incident Input Form, then the “Allow Multiple?” checkbox must be ticked.

Deleting Related Content

To delete Related Content, simply click on the “Trash” button located on the rightmost side of each Related Content entry.