Traffic Enforcer Assignments

One of DRIVER’s special features is the Traffic Enforcement Assignments. This feature uses the data available in DRIVER to predict which areas on the map have the most likelihood of traffic incidents.The reports take statistical predictions using location, time of day, day of week, and day of year, and then output a set number of locations.

Assigning Traffic Enforcers

To begin using this feature, the user must use a drawing tool to specify an area within the map they wish to deploy traffic enforcers.

After this, the user must click on the “Traffic Enforcement Assignments” tab at the bottom of the Map. This will prompt a popup to appear which the Analyst can use to define the start and end of the traffic enforcer’s shifts. The user must also define how many traffic enforcers they wish to deploy in the selected area.

After selecting the start/end shift and the number of personnel they wish to deploy, click the “Assignments” button found on the bottom right of the popup. This will prompt a new window to appear, which will generate a report of which areas need deployment.┬áThe reports are designed for printing and distribution at the beginning of a shift. An area for notes allows enforcer captains to include additional details for the shift and location.