User Types & Roles

There are three roles with differing permissions in DRIVER: the (1) Administrator, (2) Analyst, and (3) Public Viewer. Each user role provides different levels of functionality, and some have limited access to certain parts of DRIVER.


The Administrator (or Admin) role has access to the most functionality in the DRIVER application, including login capability to the database design editor software.

Admins can also modify the structure of the database, add new fields, make fields required, upload geographic boundaries, and manage users. In DRIVER, admins may export user access logs for analysis.

The database design editor software is covered in a separate user manual.


The Analyst role includes permissions to view and edit all incident and intervention data in DRIVER. They may add, edit, and delete incidents and interventions, and have access to all event information, including details associated with an incident (such as people involved, and vehicle information).

Users may request for Analyst access by contacting an Admin user.

Public Viewer

Public Viewers may sign up or log in on the DRIVER website to view basic incident data, but they may not edit any data or view information on vehicles and persons involved in the incident.